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Welcome to the Changeling Press Bar and Grill. Pull up a chair. Get comfortable. Stay a while... Legal Stuff: Like most bars, there's an age limit. Adults only please. This loop is for Changeling Press authors, friends and family. Please don't promo other stuff here.
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  • Angela Knight
    Angela Knight is the New York Times bestselling author for Berkley Sensation, Red Sage, and Changeling. Her Berkley paranormal series include the Mageverse series and TIME HUNTERS. Angela sends out periodic excerpts, short stories and writing advice through this group. It's also a forum to discuss her work, along with just about everything else. The only exceptions are politics and religion, which tend to get everybody a little too hot and bothered. (She doesn't allow chain letters and spam either, both of which drive her nuts.) Other writers are permitted and encouraged to post excerpts on this loop for the entertainment of the readers. Writers may post one excerpt per week, up to 5,000 words. Book related promotions are also limited to one per week. Anyone who wants to post more should write Angela and ask for permission. Author contests are also acceptable, so long as you ask permission and describe how the contest will be run. This list is not to be used by advertisers and spammers. Those who do so will be banned. New members and the possibly hacked are placed on moderation for the protection of the group. Please be patient, we're approving moderated messages as soon as we get alerted by Yahoo. Angela's fiction includes love scenes. If you're under 18, please do not join this group.
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  • CPBarandGrill | TrevaHarte
    You can find all about Treva Harte and her latest writing escapades here. To contact Treva privately email her at Minors should not be a member of this group or compete in this group's contests. Posts are moderated. Happy reading! Check out Treva's web page at
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